These are the frequently ask questions, kindly read through before contacting us 

1.  What is PaYobilz all about ?
Ans :  PaYobilz is an affiliate business created for serious minded people who are ready to earn commissions to help them pay their bills?

2. What is Level 1 and Level 2
Ans : Our affiliate commission is divided in to two, the level one, where you earn as high as N800 and Level 2 where you earn as high as N1,000 per each successful affiliate.

3. Can you refund my money?
Ans : No, we made it clear in our terms and condition, the N1,000 fee is non refundable. This is so because as soon as registered and activated, you are rewarded with e-books worth more than N1,000, in fact getting such information may require to spend up to NGN15,000. Also, once you are activate, N800 is given to the affiliates that referred you and N200 is used to activate you. so, how will PaYobilz refund  you ? We can only refund you when you mistakenly paid twice, this way, we will reverse N1,000 to your PaYobilz account

4. I referred but I did not gain the commission ?
Ans : it is important to follow the instructions in the affiliate area in your level one

5. How can I Withdraw ?
Withdrawal are processed in level 2, so once you get to level 2, you can withdraw all your earnings