How It Works

PaYobilz is giving out over ₦200,000 in cash prizes, you can be a winner, once you register and activate your acccount, don’t miss this opportunity. Register and Activate your account today

Payobilz is a unique business, officially launched on 5th May 2019, 

PaYobilz is created under the auspices of Anoxzzy Global International a registered company in CAC with number RC 1199677

We are here to make life wonderful with Our Unique innovations.


All payments are made and handled directly by admin, so no member can run away with your money, once you earned your first ₦2,400 click on withdrawal to receive your money instantly to your bank account

Kindly note that, PaYobilz is NOT a ponzi scheme, NOT HYIP, No Gh/Ph, No merging here. PaYobilz is simply an affiliate business created for serious people who are ready to work and earn. PaYobilz is a Global business, an equal opportunity for you, every positive human being on earth is eligible to join PaYobilz no matter your country.

Note this : we know that there are a lot of scams network moving round the internet. But here at PaYobilz, we want to assure you in the name of God almighty,  that every money you earn here at PaYobilz will be sent directly to your bank account and we promise you that you will earn money with us. So please my friend feel free. We are legitimate and genuine. 

Where Are Payment Proofs??? 

See the payment proofs and testimonials video below  to clear your doubts










With this proofs,  I hope I have gratified your conscience beyond every shadow of doubt.  That PaYobilz is Not Scam But Legitimate,  we have paid a lot of members and we want to pay you too


How To Earn  With Payobilz

There are Four ways to earn with Payobilz

1. Once you register your account and you become activated. You will receive a bonus package worth NGN15,000


In this package  you will learn the following below 


  •  How to create website/blogsite in the cheapest way 
  •  How to earn $10 to $20 through Survey 
  • How to earn $65 from a US company 
  •  How to create a verified PayPal account which you can send and receive money from it 
  • The 5 Step Formula to
    Instant Cash By Selling
    Other People’s Digital
    Products Online and many more 

2. The second way to earn money with PaYobilz is through our weekly/Monthly contest.  In this section all verified members can win between ₦2,000 to ₦50,000 weekly/monthly through our contest


3. The third way to earn money with PaYobilz is through our e-product : in this section all activated level 2 members will be able to earn money with the e-products… They will earn as high as 50% affiliate commission from each E-product sale, most members make up to NGN15,000 daily on this section. You can earn a lot in with this third way.


4. The third way you can earn from PaYobilz is through its Affiliate system
Once you are activated, your account will be enabled to begin receiving payment of NGN800 and NGN1,000 See an illustration on how the networking works. 

First Level

Once You register you account, you are to pay ₦1000 to activate your account, once you are activated your account will be enabled to receive ₦800 from 5 or more persons which makes it ₦4,000 Cash or more

Second Level

Once you have earned your first ₦1,600, you are to upgrade to Level 2 with ₦1,600. Once you are activated for level 2. Your account will be enabled to receive commission of ₦1,000 each from 20 people or more within a short time which gives you ₦20,000 cash and beyond.  Once you have reach this stage,  there is no limit to the amount you can earn,  because you will keep on earning in level 1 and also in level 2 everyday (i.e hundreds of ₦800 and hundreds of ₦1,000, which can qualify you to earn ₦280,000 or more either weekly or monthly Gidigham directly into your bank account 

All this can only be possible once you register and activate your account with just ₦1000. Don’t miss this opportunity for any reasons. 

Why we are Unique

With a one time fee of  ₦1000 you will make ₦40,000 in a week and ₦280,000 or more monthly,  because there is no limit to the amount of money you can earn with the affiliate system of PaYobilz. This is no joke every one should try it.


What are you waiting for? 

Will you allow ₦1000 to stop you from from realizing your future goals ?


You may not even refer before you earn because there are a lot of things to do to earn money with PaYobilz


Bonus To Receive

Once you are activated, we will give you free $10 e-bonus as saying welcome for joining us.


Also every wednesday, is our airtime giveaway 😎. Once you are activated, you will be elIgible to win free airtime of any network 😋

We also have E – material worth NGN15000 cash prizes and lots more


You can not afford to miss this

Register your account now let’s gets this business started immediately 



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Who can Participate in Payobilz? 

Payobilz is an equal opportunity open for Students, Fresh Graduates, Job Seekers, Bloggers, House wives or anyone who wish to earn money to pay your bills. Take advantage of your Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, phone contacts, and stop wasting your precious time online.

Join Payobilz today